COVID-19: Best live updated maps and data

Hello survivors!

You’ve probably googled the infamous keywords a million times now and read a thousand articles to find how many cases there are – however, if you are anything like me, words come into your head from one ear and they come out through the other without leaving much trace inside. An image tells more than a thousand words – that’s why we have here a selection of maps to help you see the progress of the virus; interactive, so you can move around, and updated real time to quench your thirst for news.

World Coronavirus map for accurate location

Though the overall numbers are not as clearly stated and analysed as in the one below, this map by the COVID-19 Reddit community is probably the best to actually see the precise location of cases around the world. A great example of the good things that we can do if we work together – instead of panic buying toilet roll.

World Coronavirus map for statistics

This map by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has been our reference to see the worldwide evolution of the virus during all these days. Just be aware that it is set by country, not by region (with the exception of China and US), so the red bubbles are not on the exact location. Also the bubble size is not really proportional – but kudos to the JHU for building this thorough piece of information and keeping it updated, making us feel like we’re playing Pandemics.

US Coronavirus map

Scroll down the ‘COVID-19: U.S. at a Glance’ website to find this handy map with the current reported cases by state. Who’s winning? Place your bets!

UK Coronavirus map (official)

Desktop version / Mobile version. For the mobile version click the menu at the bottom and select Map. It’s a very good map that adapts the level of information to the zoom, while also showing all the data analysis. I like the cold relaxing colour palette – unlike the bleeding wounds of red dot maps, this one feels like soap bubbles. Keep calm, it’s just a bubble bath 🙂

Let me know if there are any better maps around or if there’s any other map you would be interested – not for travelling, I assume…

Stay safe, stay sane!

Official Updated Government Advice on COVID-19 – UK

Hello, survivor! Wondering what you need to do in the Coronavirus crisis to be a law-abiding citizen? Here’s a list of frequently updated websites containing official info.

The below is focused on instructions, for updated data and maps click here. Also – click here for US version.

We have divided it by UK and US so you can find the official response that is more relevant to you, but the informative part may be useful for both. For example, if you’re in the UK you may still want to check the US FAQ for a machine gun shootout of all the questions that may be popping on your head now.

UK – United Kingdom

  • Government Response – Home page of the UK’s official position on Coronavirus, in case “Keep Calm and Carry On” wasn’t detailed enough for you.
  • Travel Advice – what to do if you’re overseas, are returning from a trip or plan to be sometime soon – but you’d rather stay home, right? No? Are you sure? If you still want to go you might want to see the checklist – but I would consider cancelling everything, and just chill with us 🙂
  • NHS Advice about how the Coronavirus spreads, how to prevent it and what to do if you think you have it, though you might have heard and googled it about 1000 times already – don’t hesitate to go for the 1001, you never know if you missed something.
  • Work related advice – how it affects employees, employers and support for businesses. If you’re wondering about sick leave, sick pay, how to prevent Coronavirus at work or how to deal with it if you have cases, you should check these. Also official info on ‘what to do if my boss wants me to go to work‘, so you know if you can feel entitled to send them to hell.

US – United States of America

  • Government Response – Home page of the US’s official position on Coronavirus, in case “Make America Healthy Again” wasn’t detailed enough for you.
  • FAQ – I counted 36 questions answered such as what the virus is, how it spreads, how to prevent it and what to do – from the question about packages from China to how to deal with social stigma (a.k.a. racism). It doesn’t go into enormous depth, but it should be enough to answer most of what you’re wondering now.
  • Travel Advice for returning travellers, including risk level of different countries – also information about travelling within the US – mostly to convince you to stay on your sofa!
  • Work related advice – for businesses and employers. Funny, I couldn’t find advice for workers. I guess not having a public healthcare system makes the conversation a bit awkward…

Please feel free to comment anything you think we should include. Thanks!

Stay safe, stay sane!