Lockdown Anthems: 50 Songs Across 6 Countries (+2 bonus tracks!)

Hello Survivor,

Nothing better than music to cheer up! Particularly in a difficult moment like the current one, people turn to certain songs to come together, despite social distancing, and lift our spirits. These songs may not be played with official trumpets, but they are still anthems of the confinement. Some places tend more towards uplifting (e.g. Spain), some let themselves fall into a little bit of depression (a.k.a. UK, where melancholy is more of a national product than fish&chips). Let’s take a look at how the currently top hit countries have approached this: US, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and UK. Our thoughts are with you – and our dance moves too!

(You can find the spotify playlist here)

United States of America

I feel sorry about Trevor, but I can’t stop laughing with this video.

As you can see in the video above, USA is not really into balcony singing. However, once you resolve to sing inside (and not too loud) the playlist from USA Today is not too bad, quite uplifting. Nothing like classic golden hits with social distancing relevant lyrics to cheer up.

Gimme ShelterRolling Stones
Let’s Stay TogetherAl Green
Don’t Stand So Close To MeThe Police
So Far AwayCarole King / Dire Straits
Stand BackStevie Nicks
Keep Your Hands to YourselfGeorgia Satellites
ImagineJohn Lennon
That’s LifeFrank Sinatra


Official #yomequedoencasa song with collaboration of 16 artist (not available on Spotify)

You can feel the sun shining in this uplifting list! (1/2) The top song among them – Resistiré, from Dúo Dinámico – has jumped from the 80s to the daily balcony applause that happens every evening through Spain, rising spirits (as well as some increasing tiredness after a number of repetitions). Also, special mentions to the comedy song from Olaya Alcázar, with a sweet melody but explicit lyrics, that has been played on loudspeakers by balcony Gestapo neighbours to encourage fellow residents to stay home.

Resistiré (I Will Resist)Dúo Dinámico / Multiple artists (2020 version)
Quédate En Tu Casa (Stay at home)(Multiple Artists)
Sobreviviré (I Will Survive)Mónica Naranjo
TusaKAROL G, Nicki Minaj
Safaera Bad Bunny x Jowell & Randy x Ñengo Flow
Baila conmigo (Dance with Me)Dayvi x Victor Cardenas x Kelly Ruiz
El Aguante (The endurance)Calle 13
Quédate en tu pvta casa (Stay at your f*** home)Olaya Alcázar


This song may sound familiar from the Netflix series Money Heist, but it’s a bit older.

It’s not easy to get a playlist for the Italian quarantine because it seems that they’ve sung pretty much anything – including a lot of regional/local songs. In a display that impressed the whole world, people from all over Italy went out to their balconies to sing and play all kind of instruments to cheer their neighbours. So in the face of a lack of consensus, we’ve chosen this list from Linkiesta.

Bella Ciao (Hello/Bye Beautiful)Antifascist resistance song, 1943
(versioned as soundtrack for Money Heist)
Guerre FreddeComa_Cose feat. Stabber
O Core Nun Tene PadroneLiberato con 3D
Come Quella VoltaLaila Al Habash
ContentoFrah Quintale
Nuova Registrazione 527Mara Sattei feat. Tha Supreme
Quando Crollerà il GovernoLa Municipal


If you don’t speak German, you can probably still guess they’re not really cheering.

When the first Italians went to sing from their balconies, a Sicilian friend said every country would do it – it was human nature. Well, as you could see from Trevor and this poor German guy, it’s not quite the case. However we could dig this ‘official playlist’ from which, in the spirit of featuring truly local music, you can find below a selection of the songs in German. Pair with a couple Jägerbombs for a full experience.

Quarantäne (Quarantine – Macarena parody)Stard Ova, Robin Wick
Allein Allein (Alone Alone)Polarkreis 18
Urlaub in Italien (Holidays in Italy)Erobique
Egal (Same)Michael Wendler
Geh Mal Bier Hol’n (Go Get Beer)Geier Sturzflug
20 Zentimeter (20 cm)Möhre
Küssen verboten (Do Not Kiss)Die Prinzen
Bruttosozialproduct (Gross National Income)Geier Sturzflug
Ich geh heut nicht mehr tanzen (I’m not going to dance anymore today)AnnenMayKantereit


(This cute song by schoolchildren is unfortunately not in Spotify)

From this playlist “Coronavirus à la française” – an interesting mix of mainstream music and actual war anthems. Watch the French, they know how to revolt!

La Vie Est Belle (Life is Beautiful)La Belle Vie
Ce N’Est Rien (This is Nothing)Julien Clerc
La Strasbourgeoise (war anthem)Colonel Salvat
Toi Mon Toit (You My Roof)Alma Vox
La Piscine (The Swimming Pool)Hypnolove, Voilaaa
Le Chant Des Partisans (The Partisan’s Song)Germaine Sablon
A La Plage (To the Beach)Juniore
La Danse De Daphnis (Daphnis’s Dance)Pavane
Écoute chérie (Listen, Darling)Vendredi Sur Mer

United Kingdom

This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time…

Here’s the official top 10, according to BBC, led by football anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone. As expected, with a pinch of depression, because that’s the national sport in this country where the sun only comes out when we’re locked up. But hey, we Keep Calm & Carry On!

You’ll Never Walk AloneGerry and the Pacemakers
Locked UpAkon
Don’t Stand So Close To MeThe Police
LostFrank Ocean
Move Your FeetJunior Senior
ImagineJohn Lennon
It’s the End of the World as We Know ItREM
ReachS Club 7
Everybody HurtsREM

Bonus track #1

The catchy vietnamese hand washing song that went viral – including a brilliant challenge dance to show how to wash your hands:

That’s it, it’s already stuck to your head, it’s too late now.

Bonus track #2

The real top hit, the song that we have sung the most during all this time – twice every time that we washed our hands, which is about a million times per day!

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COVID-19: Best live updated maps and data

Hello survivors!

You’ve probably googled the infamous keywords a million times now and read a thousand articles to find how many cases there are – however, if you are anything like me, words come into your head from one ear and they come out through the other without leaving much trace inside. An image tells more than a thousand words – that’s why we have here a selection of maps to help you see the progress of the virus; interactive, so you can move around, and updated real time to quench your thirst for news.

World Coronavirus map for accurate location

Though the overall numbers are not as clearly stated and analysed as in the one below, this map by the COVID-19 Reddit community is probably the best to actually see the precise location of cases around the world. A great example of the good things that we can do if we work together – instead of panic buying toilet roll.

World Coronavirus map for statistics

This map by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has been our reference to see the worldwide evolution of the virus during all these days. Just be aware that it is set by country, not by region (with the exception of China and US), so the red bubbles are not on the exact location. Also the bubble size is not really proportional – but kudos to the JHU for building this thorough piece of information and keeping it updated, making us feel like we’re playing Pandemics.

US Coronavirus map

Scroll down the ‘COVID-19: U.S. at a Glance’ website to find this handy map with the current reported cases by state. Who’s winning? Place your bets!

UK Coronavirus map (official)

Desktop version / Mobile version. For the mobile version click the menu at the bottom and select Map. It’s a very good map that adapts the level of information to the zoom, while also showing all the data analysis. I like the cold relaxing colour palette – unlike the bleeding wounds of red dot maps, this one feels like soap bubbles. Keep calm, it’s just a bubble bath 🙂

Let me know if there are any better maps around or if there’s any other map you would be interested – not for travelling, I assume…

Stay safe, stay sane!

Official Updated Government Advice on COVID-19 – US

Hello, survivor! Wondering what you need to do in the Coronavirus crisis to be a law-abiding citizen? Here’s a list of frequently updated websites containing official info.

The below is focused on instructions, for updated data and maps click here. Also, Check this link for the UK version.

US – United States of America

  • Government Response – Home page of the US’s official position on Coronavirus, in case “Make America Healthy Again” wasn’t detailed enough for you.
  • FAQ – I counted 36 questions answered such as what the virus is, how it spreads, how to prevent it and what to do – from the question about packages from China to how to deal with social stigma (a.k.a. racism). It doesn’t go into enormous depth, but it should be enough to answer most of what you’re wondering now.
  • Travel Advice for returning travellers, including risk level of different countries – also information about travelling within the US – mostly to convince you to stay on your sofa!
  • Work related advice – for businesses and employers. Funny, I couldn’t find advice for workers. I guess not having a public healthcare system makes the conversation a bit awkward…

Please feel free to comment anything you think we should include. Thanks!

Stay safe, stay sane!